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Telangana Tourism

Bordered by the River Krishna in the South, Mahabubnagar is the largest district of Telangana. With River Krishna and River Tungabhadra flowing through it, this district is bestowed with enthralling natural beauty. Dindi River, a tributary of Krishna River is the prominent river of this region. Earlier called as Rukmammapeta and Palamooru, it got its name of Mahabubnagar in the honour of Nizam ruler, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI. From ancient temples, to rich forests, to renowned architectural sites and well-known monuments, a tour to Mahbubnagar from Telangana Tourism offers a wholesome travel experience.

The Umamaheshwaram temple, located on the hills of Nallamala forests, is one of the most popular temples here. One of the 18 shaktipeetams of India, Alamapur’s Jogulamba temple, is one of the key tourist attractions in Mahabubnagar. About 120 km from Mahabubnagar is the famous Someswara swamy temple. There are about 15 temples here. The Madhava Swamy temple at Kollapur, which was built by the Jetprole kings in the 16th Century, grabs your attention not only for its religious association but also for its ancient architecture as well.

Alampur holds significance even in the holy puranas of Hindu religion as it is considered to the west entrance to the holy town of Srisailam. It houses the Nava Brahma Temples, which are located on the River Tungabhadra banks. Located close to the Rama Pushpakarni Lake, Sri Ranganayaka swamy temple stands beautifully in Srirangapur. This temple was built by Sri Krishnadeva Raya during the 18th century.

Telangana Tourism also offers Pillalamarri, a banyan tree which is more than 700 years old and is spread across an area of 3 acres, is a place not to be missed. There is also a tomb of a Muslim Saint which is located nearby. Agasthyesvara Swamy temple and Madana Gopala Swamy temple are two popular temples which are located near Kollapur, at a distance of about 158 km from Mahabubnagar. These temples are also known for their captivating sculptures.

Be it religious tourism or adventure travel or a fun-filled family trip, Mahabubnagar tour packages from Telangana Tourism caters to every kind of travel. Jurala Dam over the Krishna River and the Koilsagar Dam also make for popular tourist spots. Their scenic beauty with vast spread of just water around allures every visitor. For lovers of thrill, the camping at furnished camp bungalow in Mannanur is a perfect option. There is also a crocodile pond nearby. The wildlife sanctuary of Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is another place for nature lovers. Farahabad hill station in the Nallamala Hills in the Eastern Ghats offers rejuvenating environment to spend time with your loved ones. Mahabubnagar tourism comprises of many more attractions, making it one of the most popular places amongst travellers.

How to reach Mahabubnagar:

The distance between Mahabubnagar and Hyderabad is about 100 km.

Mahabubnagar By Air:

The nearest airport is the Hyderabad international airport. For tourists who are travelling via air, the best option is to take a flight to Hyderabad and then from there hire a taxi to Mahabubnagar.

Mahabubnagar By Train:

The Mahabubnagar railway station enjoys a good connectivity with the well rest of the country. It is connected via trains to cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

Mahabubnagar By Road:

This place is well connected to the most of the major cities located nearby. There are re gular government run as well as private buses from cities such as Hyderabad Kurnool, Raichur, Mumbai, etc.

Best time to visit Mahabubnagar:

You can visit Mahabubnagar throughout the year. However, if visiting during the summer season, the best time to explore architectural marvels in post afternoon, when the weather becomes all the more pleasing.