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Telangana Tourism

Located in the northernmost district of Telangana State, Adilabad is a popular tourist destination with tranquillity of breathtaking landscapes, religious fervour of ancient temple and architectural beauty of forts. From temples to waterfalls to monuments to intricate handicrafts, this place promises an enjoyable tour to everyone. A tour to Adilabad from Telangana Tourism, presents a wholesome travelling experience.

Having seen the reigns of Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, The Qutubshahis and Nizams, its cultural heritage has touch of various traditions. Nirmal Fort is one of the most popular tourist spots in Adilabad. Also called as Shamgarh fort, it was built by French and stands magnificently till date.

For nature lovers, Telangana Tourism offers jeep safaris at the Kawal wildlife sanctuary and spotting wild fauna such as with its rich fauna of Cheetal, Sambar, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Indian Bison, Panther and Tiger makes for a memorable experience. Bird watching here is also very popular. Pranahita wildlife sanctuary, by the side of Pranahita River which a tributary of River Godavari, is nothing less than a paradise with mesmerising landscapes and rich flora and fauna.

Another integral part of Telangana Tourism Adilabad tour packages are the captivating waterfalls. A journey on the ghat road of about 10 km leads you to a dense forest, away from human touch, where white streams of the Kuntala waterfall flow beautifully. A series of about 408 steps take you down to the waterfall. Pochera waterfall, located about 40 km from the Nirmal town, is another popular waterfall in this district. With a height of about 20 meters, this waterfall presents picturesque natural setting.

This district is also known for handicrafts; Dokra Metal Crafts or the Bell metal craft and the Nirmal afts are two famous crafts from here. Wood paintings of Nimal arts or a few articles from the tribal arts of Dokra metal craft are perfect souvenir to take back home.

How to reach Adilabad:

The distance between Adilabad and Hyderabad is approximately 300 km which can be covered within 5-6 hours of time.

Adilabad By Air: There is no airport at Adilabad. The nearest airport is the Sonegaon Airport in Nagpur, Maharashtra, which is about 187 km away. Hyderabad International airport at a distance of 287 km is also located nearby and is well connected to rest of the world.

Adilabad By Train:

There are many regular trains to Adilabad from most of the major cities of the country such as Krishna Express. You can board a train to either Adilabad (ADB) or to Rechni Road (RECH

Adilabad By Road:

Adilabad is well connected via road to rest of the country. Many buses run from Hyderabad to this place. Travelling via taxi is also a good option.

Best time to visit:

Adilabad is suitable throughout the year for trips. However, not many tourists visit during the monsoon season as rain makes the exploring and sightseeing slightly difficult.