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Telangana Tourism

The land of rich historical background with a diversified and colourful culture to greet its visitors, Khammam is a place worth visiting. The earlier name of the district was Stambhadri, owing to the name of the local hill – Stambhadri, which houses the ancient temple of Narasimha Swamy. However, later the name was changed to Kambhadri and then to Kambhamettu which finally became Khammam. There is also an annual festival which is being held in the memory of its old name Stambhadri.

The wide array of tourist places in Khammam from Telangana Tourism makes this district an ideal tourist destination with glorious forts, mesmerising nature and ancient temples. More than 1000 years old Khammam fort is a standing exemplary of Hindu and Islamic architectural influences.

This district is nothing less than the dream destination of religious tourism. The temple town of Bhadrachalam is a prominent tourist spot in Khammam district. Located on the banks of Godavari River, this town is said to have direct association with the time of Ramayana, an important phase in Hindu Mythology. The temple of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana is regularly visited by many pilgrims from everywhere. The ancient temple of Lord Venkateswara in Jamalapuram, amidst the lush greenery of hills, is another popular tourist spot. The two famous Shiva temples, Ganapeshwaralayam and Mukkanteswaralayam which were built in era of Kakatiyas during the 12th and 13th century are located in Kusumanchi. These temples offer a glimpse into the outstanding architecture of the bygone era.

Khammam tour packages from Telangana Tourism comprise of not just temple but a wealth of nature, history and culture.For those who wish to get an insight into the previous eras, the historical site of Nelakondapalli is the ideal place to visit. Spread across an area of over 100 acres, the excavations at this place have unearthed historically significant items such as a bronze idol of Lord Buddha, Mahastupa, terracotta idols, cisterns, wells, etc.

Kinnerasani Dam on the Kinnerasani River, which is a tributary of the Godavari River, offers abundance of breath taking landscapes to admire. Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, a part of the Dandakaranya Forests, is quite popular for Deers along with various other wild fauna and flora. Papi Hills, Palair Reservoir, Bhadrachalam and Neeladri are few more places that makes Khammam tour from Telangana Tourism inevitable.

How to Reach Khammam:

The distance between Khammam and the Hyderabad is about 200 km which can be covered within less than 4 hours of time.

Khammam By Air:

The nearest airport to Khammam is Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The airport at Vijayawada is also situated nearby. However it is not as well connected to other cities of the country when compared to Hyderabad airport. From the airport, one can take a prepaid taxi to Khammam.

Khammam By Train: The Khammam Railway Station is connected to all the major cities of the country. There are regular trains from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. As it falls on the Vijayawada to Hyderabad rail line, many trains cross this station. Some of these are Gangakaveri Exp, Charminar Exp, G T Express, Simhapuri Express and Konark Express.

Khammam By Road:

Travelling by road to Khammam is one of the best ways. There are many regular buses from various cities to this district. If interested, tourists can also book a taxi and reach within 3-4 hours of journey.

Best time to visit Khammam:

Anytime is the best time to visit Khammam. Tourists visit this place throughout the year.